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Auburn’s University Program Council, or UPC, will hold their annual Jingle Bell Jam on Wednesday, Nov. 30, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. in the Student Center Ballroom. The event features holiday-themed activities including hot chocolate, cookie decorating and mugs with student’s pictures on them.


Auburn UPC is one of Auburn’s largest student organizations, putting on nearly 60 free events for Auburn students annually. With events ranging from large scale concerts to cooking workshops, all UPC events are planned, organized and executed by students for students. Composed of 10 committees, Jingle Bell Jam is one of the Tiger Nights Committee’s events and is held annually at the end of the fall semester.

Quick Facts

  • Admission is free when students show their Tiger Card at the door
  • The event will be held Wednesday, Nov. 30, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
  • Holiday-themed events include cookie decorating, hot chocolate bar, s’mores and picture printing mugs
  • There will be an indoor ice-skating rink
  • This is a Tiger Nights event under the Tiger Mania category
  • Aubie will be a special guest at Jingle Bell Jam


“This is our 3rd annual Jingle Bell Jam. The event will be full of holiday treats including a s’mores bar, coffee, hot chocolate, and cookie decorating. We are also going to have indoor ice skating which I am the most excited for.” – Sarah Sanders, director of Tiger Nights

“It has been really fun to plan, and we hope the students get to enjoy some fun holiday treats before finals” – Sarah Sanders, director of Tiger Nights



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(Photo: Aubie on 2015 mechanical snowboard)


(Photo: Cupcakes from 2015 Jingle Bell Jam)

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The Ins and Outs of UPC

upc-logoAuburn’s University Program Council, or UPC, is one of Auburn’s largest student organizations, putting on nearly 60 free events for Auburn students annually. (Photo source // UPC Facebook)

With events ranging from large scale concerts to pumpkin carvings to cooking workshops, all UPC events are planned, organized and executed by students for students.

The president of UPC, Catherine Scibetta says the events UPC plans are more than fun events for students.

“It’s about diversifying the student experience and bringing people together in meaningful, memorable ways,” Scibetta said. “We really strive to positively impact the campus climate by educating, empowering, unifying and serving our student body and our members.”

The Committees

UPC is composed of 10 committees along with an executive board. Split into subdivisions of support and planning committees, these ten groups work together to bring the full calendar of events annually.  The committees are:airwaves-croud-300x244

  • Development
  • Films
  • Fine Arts
  • Major
  • Public Relations
  • Publicity
  • Speakers and Comedians
  • Special Projects
  • Tech
  • Tiger Nights

For a detailed description of each committee and their responsibilities, click here(Photo source// UPC Facebook)

UPC Events

Traditionally, UPC’s most popular events are their spring and fall concerts and comedians.

In the past, they have attracted thousands of students to these large-scale events by bringing in big-name artists such as Rae Sremmurd, Ben Rector and John Mulaney.

However, the hidden gems of UPC are their small-scale events because they open-mic-nightbring Auburn students together in close community.(Photo source// UPC Facebook)

Examples of these events are the monthly open mic nights held in the Student Center Starbucks and an exotic petting zoo on the Student Center Greenspace. These bring fun to the everyday life on campus.

For a more information on upcoming events, check UPC’s Facebook.

Ways to get Involved

There are two main avenues to getting involved with UPC – council and committee.

UPC council is composed of directors and assistant directors of each committee and is the more time demanding of the two areas of involvement. Their responsibilities include managing their events and responsibilities as well as their committee members.

Council members attend three meetings a week as well as three office hours for assistant directors and five office hours for directors in the Student Involvement Office.

committee-appsCarter Brown, the director of public relations and a junior majoring in PR says UPC has played a major role in his time in college.

“UPC has really helped me find my place at Auburn,” Brown said. “I’ve been able to gain and practice skills I’ll need in the workforce after graduation while also gaining some of the greatest friends I’ve ever had.”

Applications for UPC council are available in the spring and the position runs a full year.

The second and less demanding form of involvement is a committee position. These positions are filled at the beginning of the fall semester and meet bi-weekly as a committee as well as monthly as a full UPC council.

Committee members support council by helping plan, promote and execute all events put on by their respective committee. (Photo source// UPC Facebook)

More Information

For more information, follow UPC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. To receive push notifications on updated events, download the Auburn Guides app and subscribe to the UPC guide.


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